Frederick Piņa

Seas of, Cherries Rained As
The Juggler
A Chariot of the Dead
You Don't Deserve
A Question Finds
Dancing for a Goat
I Just Cried
Yellow Doll
Friday for the Rain
Glentle as the Song, Gone as Wind, Goes, Gone
An Afternoon Nearer Darkness
New Page
Black Nipple and the Surrounding Saliva
Clit and the Clapping Cunt
Empty Skies
A Painted Soul
The Classic Pussy
Larger than Love
Looking Back
Passing Star
Before Dawn
Touch Me
Snow for the Loneliest
E as O's
Sadist by the Salt
Alone for One
Espanola del Oeste sin Pier que Muerde
Eyes of the Children
Between a Girl and a Woman
Her Injured Palms
children as, it's the forgotten best
Today Is The Best Day
forgive the absence
The Council
Indiferences of Life, as She Kisses Your Coffin
Days Frozen, Night of Yesterday Thoughts
Wounded, Water and Saltine Under the Blackest Cracker
Bye-Bye Mr. Boy and Take a Bath
Raining Rats, Nor Rabbits
Tamarindo Love
On the Oven by a Black Spoon
The Blind Notebook
Newest Page
Carol by the Thread-less Bed
Hill as Holding Ram
Sunday and the Lonely Loon
Apartment 3 on the Third Floor
Even the Worms Dance, Tongues Tonight
Making the Mold
Gatekeeper of the Garden of Grapes
Eyes of Anchors and Smiles
Battle of the Eggs as her Legs Open
flies as joiners of porcelain
Silk as Brown does Claire
you're looking tasty your honor
Bridges In
Nights and Darker Evenings
In the Gallery
Eramos Asi
Rage On The Rails
On the Snow, Covered
The Roses
The Towers of Bobbie Bee
the Pool is pulled
Six feet I see
In the Missing
Chipped off the Corner
Once Younger
Fistful of 9's
Everyday I
On the Cloud
Avoid the Almonds
The Corporation, Inside
the Feather weights a million doubts
The Builder
Padre Mio
Limon con Leche
The Boy Who Fell Off The 2nd Floor
Evangelical Sisters
Indifferences of Man
Champagne and Other Things
Warning from an Umbrella
The Night of the Black-out
Ex Hilio
Agnes Balchan
Zebra : Crow
Shadowed, I Owe Nothing
halves of me, have
Shortened by a Leg
the magic of meghan
Give me God, Give me Gold
And So It Seems
Per Sons of Au
A Day Gone, Now
Windows through
The Sugar-Coated Elephant
I Know Now What I Fear
One Eye Over The Land-Less
Go Gorilla Go
Breakfast Bowl
Forced to Smile
Last Day
The Color of the Flower
In Blood
Insults to be
When I Fall
The Experience of Life
The Vagina and I
Liat Hazan: Installation Artist
Stupid Silliness
I Have Been Purchased
I Bite Her Hand
Rusted Nail, Rusted Tail
The Ego of Enemy Lies
How the Beggar Is Buried
Opening Skies
Fame & Her Jaws
Pleasure Covered by the Art of Sin
Of Molasses & Sandal Wood
The Forgotten Pain of Breathing
I See You Ramona
Frogs At Dawn
Red Rain
Los Angeles 2005
Stolen Solitude
Rosario Dawson
Eyes Catching Another
Melon, Berries and Honey Too
Jealous Am I
2 Lbs. of Love
Evil Envelopes, Sealed Success
Diamond Dog
A Stab At A Wound
Mask, A Broken Clock
Ants & Fire
Idealistic Idols Imagined
I Didn't Ask For This
Pictures - Possibilities - Perfection
Trapped in the Past & Lost in the Future
Upon Another
Mermaids & Mothers
Androids And Antlers
Pornographic Pauses
The Fight
Tables to Teeth
Romancing the Rage
I Am Here
Leather Belts and the Songs
On Paper
Toyless Town
Hill-top Whores and The Price of Pleasure
Strawberry Sunday
Inter-locking Inwards
Above the Arch & Curved Curiously
Missing Memories
Bloody Body
The Taste
Life Isn't Personal
Voices of Vanity
Stones & the Path of Clarity
After Midnight
You Always Feel
Those Tears
White Sheets
Contact Me...
Casket of Flowers
Madman In Love
Love Is
Open Seas
Angel of Light
Two Shells
Affection Lost
Time Does Not Forgive
Before I Am Famous, Or After I Am Dead
Tonight Is
Brooke, Train on the Door
Involved, Tangled & Trapped
Inexplicably True
Invisible Train
I Will Never Fully Say
Unable To Me
Innocently I Imagine
A Flower & A Rose, By The Stream of A River
Sweetness, A Pillow
Dear God
Strawberry Sunday

Written by: Frederick Pina

Illustrious lap, lick, and lollipops. No good.
Deed nor joy connverted, in anvil shoes.
Sunday, is the place, of the heart and...
Time, turning and timber trees. Singing.
Against a freezy, frosty fence. Sunday.
I will see, the mind of magic. Sweets.
Dandilines, and daily bees, buzzing about...
Upon a stream of sugar-fine wine and...


Forever falling. Strawberry sunday. the red.
Kisses, for the lips of another, man and...
Woman, eat and earrings of ebony. Skin.
Tight, eyes brightly aware. Razzle Dazzle.
Punny punches, against smacking lips and...
Guns of gaity gains. Flavorless fruit.
Strawberry and a sunday, treat.

The day, upon a sunless window. Winds
Smoke and tulips shadowed, upon a desk.
Covered, writing and pencil prisons.
Color it, red. Strawberry, sands...

Copyright (C) 2004 by Frederick Pina